About Lauma

Lauma is the biggest manufacturer of textile and medical materials in Europe. We also have thousands of employees, a technological laboratory, and constant supply cycles.

50 years of heritage

Lauma is a world-class brand for quality textile and medical materials. As European market leaders, we cover the entire cycle of goods manufacturing with an extensive distribution network. Our expertise comes from our long heritage as well as constant innovation.
Today Lauma is focused on innovation and committed to introducing environmentally friendly, new technologies into the textiles industry. The future is ours – working together with our customers.
Creation of AS Lauma as a State enterprise
Privatisation of AS Lauma
Acquisition of TeleTextile Europe (elastic fabrics manufacturing and dyeing) in Germany
€6.4m of investments for dye house modernization in Latvia
Acquisition of TeleTextile (textile solutions for soil reinforcement and erosion control)
Acquisition of Avangard (Russian distributor of textile products
Creation of Lauma Medical (formerly fast-growing business unit of Lauma Fabrics)

One of the largest in-house manufacturing facilities in the world

Lauma’s main production is spread out on a gigantic 100 000 square meters space under one roof in Liepaja, Latvia.
There our products go through their entire life cycle – from yarn to moulding to finishing – before being sent to distribution.

Lauma’s state-of-the-art machine shop

  • Rashel and tricot machines (24, 28, 32, 36, and 40 gauge). 2Ms meters of Elastic knitted fabrics produced per year
  • Rashel machines (28 gauge) for Rigid knitted fabrics. 1.5Ms meters produced per year
  • Textronic and Jackardtronic machines for lace production (4Ms meters per year)
  • Woven and knitted machines for 50Ms meters narrow production per year
  • Soft and spacer molding
  • 3 Epoca and 5 Saurer machines
  • 18 dyeing machines and 3 finishing lines

What Lauma is now

Position and specialization
European textile exporters are the second-largest textile exporters (24%) after China.

This is a big niche in textiles, and LAUMA cannot let its customers down. Therefore, we actively invest in research and development of new technologies, improving our product range.

Our specialization is medical and technical textiles. The final product is comfortable underwear, masks, elastic bandages, and corsets for pregnant women. LAUMA products are used by millions of consumers all over the world. And we are proud of it.
Cleaner production
A survey of the European consumer market showed that 57% are willing to give up products that are harmful to the environment. And 81% are specifically looking only for products that meet their consumer values.

We are keeping up with the trend and are saying YES to green manufacturing. To do this, LAUMA has focused on cost and quality of materials to make products affordable to the customer.

The factories and laboratories have implemented Oeko-tex, REACH, and ISO certifications for eco-products. The company is not only closer to the consumer, but also more competitive in the textile market.

Also, LAUMA plans to install 26,315 solar panels to shift all production to renewable energy and reduce energy costs.
Prospects for growth
Lauma Fabrics is not only the largest textile factory in Europe but also a spin-off laboratory.

The business strategy makes it possible to create independent companies by selling or distributing new shares in an existing business or a division of the parent company. And the value of spin-off companies as independent businesses is greater than parts of a large business.
A strong team
Behind every meter of thread, conveyor belt, or negotiating room there are people. LAUMA is proud of its team, which has proven decades of dedication to the good cause of serving the consumer.

Our management team has extensive experience in managing corporations and building value enterprises. Most importantly, they know what the customer is demanding now and have successfully forecasted a future plan for LAUMA. And implement it together with the team.
Growth strategy
LAUMA's development concept is to offer individual solutions to the customer. For this purpose, we have opened an intelligent laboratory where all know-how in textile production is considered. And we are gradually shifting to renewable biomaterials.

The strategy will enable Lauma to become a plug-and-play platform, developing and consolidating the medical textile market independently. Thus, scaling the value and value of the holding companies.

We ship to 200 companies in 20 different countries

We are constantly developing and expanding
our cooperation boundaries.

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