The leading manufacturer of elastic knitted fabrics, laces, embroidery, and ribbons in Europe

Our product portfolio

Lauma Fabrics product portfolio includes elastic knitted fabrics, rigid knitted fabrics, elastic laces, narrows and embroideries. We also offer customised services where ready garments are produced under customer brands, according to given designs and colours or developing designs together with the customer.

Elastic laces

Lauma Fabrics has its own design center where various types of lace are developed. Our lace collection is wide and varied, starting from classic and romantic designs, and extending to modern and geometric styles. We are always keeping up with the newest trends for every season and updating our lace design collection.

Knitted fabrics

Lauma Fabrics produces elastic and non-elastic knitted fabrics. This includes both plain and patterned knits. LF's knitwear is used by lingerie brands, medical textile manufacturers, sports and casual wear manufacturers and other customers. The LF collection includes both thin and delicate knits and high-function materials. Rigid knits are mainly used in product linings.


Lauma Fabrics produces embroidery on advanced embroidery machines. It is mainly sewn on its own elastic and non-elastic nets. Embroidery designs are mostly purchased from world class designers working with Lauma Fabrics.


Lauma Fabrics produces elastic ribbons, which are an integral part of women's underwear. The collection includes shoulder and trim strips of various widths and functionality, which are mostly sold in a single color gamut with knits and lace.

Moulded products

Lauma Fabrics produces moulded scoops from self-manufactured materials and spacer-type materials, offering a great variety of shapes and sizes, according to customer given designs or developing designs together with the customers.

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