Lauma Medical

Elastic medical belts

Only certified and quality raw and natural materials - cotton and wool - are used in the production of elastic belts. These are natural absorbents that collect moisture from the surface of the skin, thereby avoiding diaper rash and local irritations.

Elastic medical bandages

A special weaving technology ensures excellent quality and preservation of properties even with prolonged and intensive use. Lauma Medical uses natural cotton (96%) for the production of elastic bandages.

Compression products

Compression hosiery is one of the main means of preventing varicose vein disease and a mandatory component of surgical treatment and sclerotherapy.

Elastic bandages

This dressing can protect from traumatization and is also used during rehabilitation after injuries of different genesis.

Products for expectant and nursing mothers

Designed to support the abdomen and reduce strain on the back.

Posture correctors

The posture corrector helps to evenly distribute the load on the spine. Designed for the prevention of injuries, osteochondrosis, spondylosis, instability and posture disorders, preventing a hunched back.


The orthosis, made of high quality TPR Gel, nylon and spandex, is used to fix joints in sports injuries, physical stress and sprains, as well as during rehabilitation.
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