Production process

The leading manufacturer of elastic knitted fabrics, laces, embroidery, and ribbons in Europe.

Production cycle under one roof

Lauma Fabrics supplier management system is well-balanced and built on long-standing and trust-based relationships with the majority of its suppliers. The entire production process takes place in the same factory, enabling to fully control all stages of the process
Design development
Design development is provided by a dedicated team of designers and technicians who are creating new lace, knitted fabrics and ribbon designs day by day.
Yarn Warping
The company has its own warping machinery enabling the development and manufacture of a versatile fabric assortment, responding quickly to customers' requests.
Yarn covering
The manufacture of diverse ribbons and medical bandages is made possible by in-house yarn covering machinery.
The wide assortment of laces and fabrics is being produced on over 100 knitting machines.
The company exploits over 130 machines to produce a wide range of shoulder straps and decorative ribbons.
Colour development
An experienced team of colourists and finishing technicians ensure that new colours are developed and new dyeing cycles are set on a daily basis.
Colour dispenser and automatic colour Kitchen
The modern colour dispenser and automatic colour kitchen ensure a flawless preparation of dyes and chemicals.
Fabric and lace dyeing
Perfect dyeing results are achieved by means of the 14 new beam and jet dyeing machines.
Ribbon dyeing
Ribbons are dyed on continuous type dyeing machines. The company owns six ribbon dyeing ranges of different capacity intended for ribbons of various widths.
Quality control
The company carries out visual control of all products, as well as their physical and mechanical properties, like elasticity and colour fastness, are inspected in the company's lab.
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