Solution for the future

Tele Textiles Latvia will produce and supply,
with the environment in mind, textile solutions
for soil reinforcement and erosion control.

Tele Textile Latvia

"Tele Textile Latvia" is a manufacturer of a wide range of high-strength polyester geotextile materials for technical use with more than 30 years of production experience in Norway and more than 5 years in Latvia.

Thanks to the special structure and high-tech weaving process, the products are extremely effective for soil reinforcement, stabilization, filtration, drenaige and separation. It can be used as soil reinforcement within several application areas and is suitable for use under extremely high loads- road & railways, earthworks, foundations, erosion control works, dams, canals etc.

Currently, the product range includes rolls with tensile strength from 50 to 450 kN/m. The standard roll width is 5.3m with length: 100/200m.
35+ years of
experience in geo-
textile industry
Completed projects
in 30+ countries
Long-term partners/
customers in 30+
High quality geo-
textile with strength
from 50..450 kN/m

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